Bibfix is a bib fixer designed and made in Spain. It is a patent design (patient no. WO 2010/043733 A1) consisting of a base unit and a cover which can be joined together, sandwiching the number bib and fabric in between without causing any damage to the fabric. It can be placed directly on the number bib hole of any size, or even no holes.

Bibfix is made from advanced ABS material which is lightweight and durable. The base unit is smooth and round-shaped so as not to cause any discomfort or irritation to the skin during exercise, and the surface of the cover unit can be used for displaying logos or advertising message of the event organizers or sponsors.

Bibfix is reusable and can be used for various sports events, such as track and field, road races, adventure or trail races, orientation, cycling, etc.

The oval and slightly oversized design of Bibfix means it is easy to handle by both hands and when it drops on the ground it will not roll away. As it has no pins or sharp edges, it is most suitable for use by children.

Bibfix can also be made with customer's colour and design. And we have made customised products for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon in 2014 and 2015, 10K Running Pro Shop, SHKP Vertical Run - Race to Hong Kong ICC 2014 and adidas.

Bibfix號碼布扣是原廠西班牙設計及生產。它是一項專利設計(專利編號:WO 2010/043733 A1),利用兩個組件一前一後將號碼布及衣物扣夾在中間,對衣料不會造成損害。它可直接使用於任何大小的號碼布孔上,就算沒有孔都可以使用。




Bibfix的顏色及圖案可按客戶要求而設計。我們的客戶包括香港渣打馬拉松2014 及2015、十公里跑步用品專門店、新地公益垂直跑- 勇闖香港ICC 2015、adidas、街跑少年及POAD等。歡迎查詢。

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